Redevelopment PMC

Government of Maharashtra has issued a Notification on 3rd January, 2009 under Clause 79A of Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960. This Notification applies to all Societies considering redevelopment. The Notification makes it compulsory for all such Societies to appoint an Architect/Project Management Consultant (PMC) to guide the Society in the selection process of Developer for Redevelopment. It is often seen that Societies go ahead with selection of Developer without obeying this Notification and as a result all their efforts are wasted and precious time is lost lace wigs uk.

Mangurdekar & Associates is one of the leading consultants in Mumbai, working with Societies to successfully select a good developer for their redevelopment project. We are helping nearly 35 Societies containing over 3000 flats spread over 20 Lakh sft and valued at over Rs. 4000 Crores.

Selecting a good developer who not only gives maximum corpus fund and additional area but is also financially stable, with a proven track record and who fulfills his commitments and promises to the Society is the goal that Mangurdekar & Associates achieve through a careful process. Starting with a feasibility report, drawing up sound tender documents, preparing a development agreement that protects the Society’s interest and minimizes disputes at a later date, Mangurdekar & Associates work with the Society from Day 1 of the redevelopment project. We have recently completed the process of selection of a Developer for cluster development of 24 societies which have 1216 flats. Such a large project was full of complications which we have successfully negotiated thus proving our capacity to handle even such huge projects. For the successful redevelopment of your Society, we will provide Architectural and Project Management Consultancy, as well as Legal services for tendering, Development Agreement etc. We will work with the Society from the initial stages right through selection of Developer, construction work and upto Occupation Certificate from BMC and possession of new flats and shops by your members.

Since most Societies are facing financial hardships, we do not place the burden of our fees on the Society. Our fees shall be recovered by the Society from the selected Developer and paid to us by the Society.