Group Housing Schemes

At Mangurdekar & Associates, we are constructing affordable residential flats in projects in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. Flats will be 15% to 35% cheaper than market rates, making it possible for the flat owner to save upto Rs. 5.5 to Rs. 25 lakhs on a flat.

Due to rising prices, in recent years, it has become impossible for the common man to purchase a flat of his own. MHADA has recently launched its scheme for about 3000 flats at cheaper cost but has received lakhs of applications thus leaving out a large number of frustrated and disappointed applicants. At Mangurdekar & Associates, we bring our experience of over 40 years as developers and architects to do projects on similar lines, making flats available at cheaper cost like MHADA does.

How it works & where

Flats in our projects will be significantly cheaper since there is no builder profit involved; hence builders’ profit is not added to cost of flat. These flats shall be available at actual cost and expenditure. Thus, in Affordable Group Housing Scheme,

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Payments and Duration of Project

The flat owners will have to make payments in phases; 1st payment towards land cost and subsequent payments for construction as per progress of construction work. Please see the various Projects for Tentative Payment Schedules. The project shall take about 18 to 24 months to complete and the payments will be spread over this period. Financing is available for payments towards land cost.

Execution/ Role of Mangurdekar & Associates : Mangurdekar & Associates shall

  • Form a group of suitable persons to purchase a plot.
  • Complete the process of purchasing suitable plot of land with approval of flat owners and with title clearance as per guidance of advocate .
  • Assist to obtain approvals required for the project from CIDCO & various competent
  • Project Management to complete construction of the project with Occupation Certificate and conveyance.
  • Prepare flats for ready possession to flat owners. In short, Mangurdekar & Associates will complete the project on a turnkey basis. This model combines the advantages of lowered prices and security & safety of the money invested by flat owners and project is completed on time.

Flat owners shall:

  • Approve shortlisted plot and sanction purchase of the same.
  • Comply with all laws, rules with regards to conveyance, Society formation and any other requirements as laid down by competent authorities.
  • Extend all required support and co-operation on timely basis to Mangurdekar & Associates while purchasing plot, during construction, plan approvals, dealing with competent authorities etc.
  • Make timely payments against their respective flats as and when required to enable carrying out above activities.

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